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I joined the wonderful world of ukuleles with very little musical knowledge. My new book, Unlock Your Ukulele, provides the keys to the secrets I wish I had at the beginning of my journey.

This collection of terms, techniques, and information comes from dozens of workshops I’ve attended and the resources I’ve discovered over the past seven years. Get ready to jump start your own ukulele adventure!

Unlock Your Ukulele is available in three formats, links to each are provided below:

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Spiral Bound – Available only through Lulu.com. This version is designed to lay flat as you work through it. $10.95 Kindle eBook – Available through Amazon, you can also load the Kindle reader app on any phone or table.  $3.99 Perfect Bound – (Think paperback!) – Link is to Lulu.com but it is also available through most booksellers.  $8.95

ISBN 978-1-365-43317-7

New!  Unlock Your Ukulele with a Chord Chart from BestMusicStuff.com! 

$19.99 with a choice of shipping methods.

What Others Have Said:

“From practical chord and strumming techniques to his overall “Ukulele Zen” philosophy, Mark’s encouragement and enthusiasm make this book a worthy addition to any collection. In fact, it is the rare music book that invites repeated readings.” – “Hilo” Greg Gattuso, ukulele player and author of The Seinfeld Universe

Mark Swarthout, “The Ukulele Dude” has done a great service to ukulele players by writing this book. It is a concise manual of the nuts and bolts of playing while also clearly explaining many of the common and preventable pitfalls – things that can plague new players who are approaching ukulele and the vast the world of music study for the first time. “Unlock your Ukulele” is a great book that will benefit all who read it, with many takeaways for experienced players as well – including cultivating a relaxed approach to the instrument and the path of learning music…a topic that is very dear to my heart. Bravo Mark!” – Stuart “Stukulele” Fuchs, Ukulele Zen

Mark is a genius. He makes each concept understandable and accessible. I never heard of the Z chord, although I knew what it was. I am calling it that now with all my friends. And using “Sunshine Of Your Love” to teach tabs is nothing short of brilliant. We all know what that’s supposed to sound like.
– Sir Cake –
Amazon customer

“Excellent reference info. This book clarifies concepts I was not finding easily understood answers to elsewhere. And, unlike many reference volumes, it is easy to read and works as a great learning help, too. My uke is gathering less dust than in the past, primarily due to this volume.– Amazon Customer

“Very helpful book! I will be coming back to this one for reference. The author makes things very easy to understand. I have seen tutorials and read lessons about a few of the things he covers in this book. I didn’t completely grasp it. After reading this I could say ” oooooooh, that’s how that works”– Eleanor – Amazon customer