Ukulele Resources


Elderly Instruments – THE source for vintage ukuleles, equipment, books and CDs. Great prices on new instruments and a big supporter of the ukulele community. Also a big sponsor of Mighty Uke Day. Love you, Stan!

Kala Brand Instruments – Kala has built a reputation for great intruments. Their line of starting instruments at reasonable prices makes them a great choice for the beginner. Their higher end instruments are beautiful. The Kala-U Bass is becoming more and more a key instrument for ukulele ensembles. They are a sponsor of both Might Uke Day and the Motor City Ukes.

Dave Talsma Instruments – Dave makes some truly beautiful instruments. I’ve had the pleasure of trying a few of them out. He did the repair work on my Lyon & Healey and I have a custom mahogany concert that he made for me.


AquilaUSA – The Aquila Nylgut strings are very nice and one of my favorites. Many instruments come from the factory with them installed. I like the flat finish and the finger feel of the strings.

D’Addario – These are well thought of and actually used by a number of professionals. Jake Shimabakuro and Aldrene Guerrero both use their strings. One of the bonuses is that one package has enough string length to string two instruments!

GHS – This is the local Michigan company! GHS Strings in Battle Creek has been a sponsor of Mighty Uke Day. They have been providing strings on many ukuleles from the factory and have made some great innovations to their strings over the last few years.

South Coast Strings – Not only do they sponsor a friend of mine, they have a very complete guide to understanding strings and tunings on the ukulele. Their newsletter is a good one!

Lardy’s Ukulele Database – This is a large collection of information on the various makers with pictures and information on them.

Tiki King’s Ukulele Database – Another large collection of information on ukulele makers.