Mighty Uke Day 7


Mighty Uke Day VII is coming upon us quickly!  Taking place over on May 13th (unlucky for some!) it is bookended by events on Friday and Sunday.  The line ups are getting larger and larger with more opportunities for all.  There is a full schedule of free events, open mic, featured stage and free workshops in addition to paid concerts and workshops.  You can find all the details at the Mighty Uke Day 7 web site.

Gearing up for the event Ben Hassenger held the Mighty Uke Day 7 Fundraiser at The Avenue earlier this month.  Cathy, my wife, went with me and we had a great time listening to all the great musicians and strumming along with the crowd!  Shady Grove was one of my open mic songs.

On the way home, a car pulled around us, got in front of us and immediately slowed down.  Cathy immediately instructed them that “The gas pedal is on the right!”  Over the next hour, we created a new song.


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