Workshop Links

If you’ve been to one of my presentations or workshops, I will have mentioned lots of resources, or used various materials.  Here are links to many of these things:

Welti’s Solobuch – Arpeggio music tabbed for the ukulele.

The Incredibly Big Little Book of Scouting and Campfire Songs – About 150 of the most common campfire songs.

Jim Carey’s Songbooks – Over 12,000 songs in a fully indexed PDF, with chord charts.  Also available for baritone and left handed versions.

216 chords laid out in one place, so you can find the one you need quickly.

A great tool for working with small groups, the white board gives you a mobile classroom.

Make sure to check The Ukulele Dude’s Calendar for events in the area that he will be attending and where other workshops are available.

Links to items referenced in Unlock Your Ukulele can be found on this page and include additional sources.